Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Sign Me Up For That!

Just like Congress, I would like an increase in my spending limit. Yes, I know, I've spent a lot lately - but only to stimulate the local economy. It wasn't all for me, I bought things for other people too. A Nordstrom Sale is just "Too Big to Fail" to go to.
"Enough is enough" the money earner proclaims!
No, not really. Black pants (1 each for dress, casual, skinny, classic, comfy and flattering) and shoes (smart, sexy, comfy, shiny, and then there are the colors - don't get me started!) define a well dressed woman.
Here's the deal:
Increase my spending limit now, then beginning in 2015 I will begin decreasing the increases by 1 cent per month. Really! I will begin spending a penny less per month for 10 years. Adjust for inflation of course. And it's not so much of a promise as a good intention.
What a plan! I think I'll go into politics...but I would need a new wardrobe.

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